Bed Music

by Poppies

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Recorded, engineered & produced by Hunter Davidsohn at Business District Recording - Johnson City, NY

Additional recording by Carlos Hernandez at Gravesend - NY

Mixed & mastered by Jonathan Schenke at Studio Windows - Brooklyn, NY

Tracks 1 & 6 have vocals donated by Anna McClellan & TV Stevie <3

Artwork by Alex Herzog

Poppies is May, Ian, and Ajax


released February 14, 2019


all rights reserved



Poppies New York, New York


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Track Name: Anyone ?
Floss my teeth brush my tongue
All that you want I’ll become

Good and plenty, shy and horny
Is there anyone out there for me?

Flick me away like a crumb
But I won’t cling like I’ve clung

Hurting but I’ll make it seem I’m good
Stung but I’m not one to sting
(Making time and I can hardly
Wait for someone new to harm me)

Up and down I’m going going
Round and round my head is slowing

All the cracks are growing growing
Every night and every morning
Track Name: Dum Dum
I hold onto things when I wish I could just let go of it
I let go when I meant to hold onto it

I’m sick, I just learned swallowed words go down wrong wrong wrong
I sense something’s wrong, bite my tongue, chew it into pieces

Oh, something feels wrong
Oh, I’m a dum dum

I fold into things when I wish I could go go go
I stick to the things I am told and I’m slow

(Fold and Listen
Shout and twistin’
You’re conditioned

I’m sick, I forget swallowed words go down wrong and I can’t fix
What is gone, bite my tongue into pieces

(Just forget it
Stuck but with it
Wishing on a broken bone)

Oh, something feels wrong
Oh, I’m a dum dum
Track Name: The Wedge
Bathroom is a good place
Wash your hands, clean your face
In my house I just got one
Shower’s on, let it run run run

When I get up and go
Hope that you won’t know
I wanna be like you
Put a wedge between us too

Hi how are you?
Did all the old things we said we wouldn’t do

Mirror is a good place
Tell myself to my face
In my house I just got one
Shower’s on, let it run run run


Lay it out clearly
You hear what you want
But you don’t hear me

When I look to my old friend
I can see you’re wanting to get even

Even when it starts to feel sick

Spray more perfume on this poor pig

Start a game you can’t win
Spelled out clear in fine print
Track Name: Politician
It’s not you, it’s just my indecision
It’s too big, I don’t want this position thrown on

And if I choose wrong?

I give lines I learned from politicians
You don’t care, you’ve got your intuition down tight

You know what you like
You know what feels right
Track Name: Funny Games
Funny to me, you see the beauty
In dark but not in the light things

Said before I can’t take much more
But then you give more

A better man
But then you go and

Tear things up
Too late to die young
You’ve dreamed up something you won’t wake up from

And I’m not your pixie dream
Done puffing up your schemes
When I cut, I cut clean


Gonna pick you
Gonna take you home
But you know that I won’t

The things I meant to say
Come out a different way
Want what I want
But what I want’s always changing

Gonna pick you up
Gonna bring you home
Forgot it never really works
Give another go
I don’t know
Track Name: Pink Hum Punch Out
Punch some daylights out
Put all of my faith into doubt

I’m not happy and you’re not ever
Take whatever, the more I’m better for

Let the fishes eat my fleshies
Tasty memories it’s best to take this one, let it go
Track Name: Anything
Devil or the deep blue sea
Bad beat

Maybe I’ll be
Done with eating, needing anything

Name’s on the door but it won’t turn

And I know what I heard
Though your voice is sleep blurred

Tried to force truth
But it’s for you, I’d do

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